Monday, July 14, 2008

A quick links post

The dangers of mixing music & politics, or why white male voice choirs and hip-hop is both reckless and amusing:

Advertising - the new driving menace:

Finally, a 40-odd minute seminar by Neal Stephenson on speculative fiction. How it's different from literary fiction, what makes a good SF actor, et cetera:

If that floats your boat, here's a link to his somewhat famous Beowulf & Dante writer analogy, which he did on Slashdot some years ago. It's interesting. Sometimes I find Stephenson more cerebral than I can cope with and he certainly seems like a fearsome interviewee if you are as intellectually undisciplined as I am, but it's a good idea and worth sharing:

Dante & Beowulf

Okay, back to figuring out tax forms. I've got a column to do, but I'll write a blessay (to steal from the great Stephen Fry) soon.

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