Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Film Tuesday...

Not really planning on getting into the habit of posting trailers here, but I like this, I like the screenwriters and it's my blog, goddamnit.

Called Away We Go, it's out sometime (what am I, a news source?) and is directed by Sam Mendes, (of American Beauty, Jarhead, Road To Perdition & Revolutionary Road). I've seen the first two and am unlikely to ever willingly see the latter, so this could be a late fifth set winner in the coveted 'List of Sam Mendes Movies Eoin Has Enjoyed' championships. I'm guessing that if you liked Juno or The Squid And The Whale you'll like this and if you didn't, scroll down to my Mick O'Pedia post and we'll never discuss this unpleasantness again.

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